oh goodness.

sometimes I get so overwhelmed by things that inspire me.
sensory overload.
complete. and. total. overload.

colors, patterns, videos, songs, websites, names, coffee, atmospheres, people,
words, smells, feelings, movies, books, fashion, color, patterns, atmospheres...yeah.
atmosphere for sure.

and I don't know what to do with myself!

Check out a few blogs that contribute to my sensory-overload-disease:

...and so many more!


Emma Jade said...

theres a few greats in that blog list! I'm going to check out the ones I havent heard of!

chelsea rebecca said...

such great blogs.. how did mine get mixed up in there.. has to be a mistake! haha.
you are the bestest!

Emily Jane said...

Your blog is so cute Whitney! And what wonderful blogs. I know exactly how you feel about being completely overwhelmed and I am so glad you put your [my] thoughts into words.