Birmingham in review

I live in the great city of Birmingham. I would love to start posting about
places in Birmingham that I discover.


I'd found Urban Standard on a Birmingham website, and immediately had this urge to go and discover. Amidst me trying to find an excuse to go (I now know...I don't need an excuse...) I had a friend tell me that he went to Urban Standard (he didn't know that I had been wanting to go) and the second he walked in he mumbled, "Whitney." Nice little serendipitous happenstance, right? I then expressed to him that I had been wanting to go there for the past couple of months! So he told me that when I went he wanted to be there because I was going to have ridiculous sensory overload.
Come June 8...my 17th birthday, I decided I wanted to go have breakfast there.
Sadly, it was just 4 gals, so poor Boy Morgan (friend mentioned above) did not get to go. And when I called him to tell him that I loved it he kindly raised his voice to express his disappointment at not going . "However," I said, "that just gives us an excuse to go again."
He was happy.
(it's not like he's the type of kid to stay mad...ever...)

Mary-John and I arrived at Urban Standard and sat at the table in front of the coffee shop waiting for the other two girlies. We forced ourselves not to sneak a peak because both of us wanted to be hit with the full awesomeness of this place.
And 'hit' we were.
I ordered a macchiato and creamy grits with cheese and sausage.

This. place. is. the. BOMB-DIGGITY.


Emma Jade said...

dammit girl! We need to stop doing this to each other! I was getting excited for undiscovered places in my b'ham!
Yours looks lovely too! maybe we should swap sometime :)

Max-Frederick said...

Hey dude. Cool editing :)

chelsea rebecca said...

oh my gosh this place is TOO COOL! and your outfit is probably the cutest thing EVER! i think i have that white dress too! target?? i love the scarf!!