annnnd. random thoughts.

I should probably go to bed.
Eh. Oh well.
Today I had a VERY successful shopping trip with my birthday money.

I had a realization...a realization that most of us have time and time again in our lives.

Satisfaction. Contentment. Joy.
Why do we look for these things is "stuff"?

I had 3 bags full of birthday shopping loot, I just got a mac, an iPod, a camera recently, birthday presents, some new shoes, and who knows what else. I was STILL thinking about...those shoes at Aldo, that skirt at Anthropologie (which may I add was like...$120...beautiful but WHO WOULD PAY THAT MUCH! AH!...ok some people would...but that's just an obscene amount of money for a skirt...), oh and that top at Francesca's...and so on. I keep looking to find contentment in stuff. I am ridiculously blessed, in fact right now I feel so blessed I feel...sloppy. I've gotten so much recently I feel undeserving and I feel greedy. Because I am greedy. We always want just a little more, just a little more. We always feel unfulfilled because we look to be fed and contented by things that are simply what I just called them THINGS! These things will not last. These things will become insignificant. These things are of the world.
We are to lay our treasures up in heaven. HEAVEN. Not on this earth, not in shoes, not in food, not in art, not in music...all these things become IDOLS in God's eyes. We think about these things more than we do our Savior, the one who died for us, suffered unimaginable torture...for us. Imagine Abraham and Sarah have a son, finally a child, and God wants Abraham to sacrifice him?? God wants Abraham to kill his son, in God's name. Put it this way, while I would never EVER want to do that, Abraham was sacrificing his son to someone who was deserving, actually Isaac really wasn't enough for God, but that was Abraham's best. But GOD wasn't told by a higher power to sacrifice HIS son. God loved us SO much, that he gave his only begotten son. He killed his only son. And for whom?
Filthy, filthy rags.
We weren't even fit to unlatch Jesus' sandal. Yet He died for us.
So as I look at my new stuff. I am thankful for it! I really am. And when I start to think of stuff that I want next...I try to remind myself to give my attention to God. Find my fulfillment in Christ. Because as long as I want more and more (of Christ and knowledge of Him), the more and more I'm fulfilled. He never disappoints.

Find my contentment in Jesus Christ, not in a room full of things...repeat...
I am an alien to this earth.
This place is not my home.


Saura Lnow said...

Well said Whit :D

Hannah said...

You're great, love.