annnnnd. Summer. again.

So. I always think that I'm going to post more once the summer hits...but it turns out it's harder to post in the summer. I'm just so busy! But I'm gonna work and try to post still!
I got a mac on the day of my birfday...(not FOR my birthday...geez wouldn't THAT be a surprise present!)
and I kind of love him. His name is Leonitus.
I had a splendiforous birthday. Complete with amazingness. I'm going to post tomorrow...or tonight about it. Ok. No promises. I WILL post about my birthday SOON.


chelsea rebecca said...

hope it was the best day ever!!!
love all these photo booth pics! too funny!

Hair-Bo said...

Yeah. First picture. Awesome.You've never been more attractive ;). Give Leo a fistbump for me.

Bridget said...

those mac photos never get old.

Anonymous said...

BAHHAHA! I love the one with Grandmother!!!