Another year...another year.

I can't believe it. Tomorrow is the day that I turn 17. While the age 16 was an absolutely wonderful and eye opening year for me, all I've heard about 17 is that it IS the year for you. So, I embark on this year with an open mind, an open heart, and a spirit of joy. I think in the past year I've learned so much. I feel that I've grown a lot. I've fallen; I've messed up. But I've also gotten things done. I've realized some things that I am capable of doing. I've realized things that I am NOT capable of doing. I've made new friends, grown close to them. I've strengthened old relationships. I've become a driver (ahhhhh!). I've cried over stupid stuff; I've cried over serious stuff. A lot of tears, but even more laughs, and smiles. 16 was a good age. As I wave goodbye to my companion of a year (my age...) I get excited for what is next. This summer I feel is my summer to learn and grow. My senior year of high school will do that for me as well. I've got a lot of growing up to do, a lot of big girl decisions to make. I've got to be more disciplined and more diligent. But now that I've typed the comment about this summer being a summer of learning and growing...I realize that in all honesty...life is the time to learn and grow. God has been so good to me. He always has been, but I believe that I'm just getting to the point where I'm starting to be more aware of his goodness. I want to do more for Him. Because he has gifted me with life, and more than that, he's giving me heaven. If He desires me, I should desire him. I should give my life to Him.

Maybe I'm being nostalgic, but honestly I love new years, I love new seasons, I love new ages, I love new situations, because in these times I have a bigger chance of change and improvement. So here's to 17 and all that she has for me.
I leave you with some random shots of the weekend:


ViS!T0R said...

Very deep thoughts.
I know how you feel and I still feel that way... 18 is coming up for me.

But I'm scared out of my mind.

Margaretta said...

I know exactly what you mean-- I always love moments in your life, like a birthday, that make you step back and take a good look at things, and make you feel ready to be better.


I have the polka dotted shirt too. Isn't it adorable?

Bethany said...

Since we share the same birthday , I thought I would comment and wish you a very happy birthday and coming year! Getting to know you in SGA this year has been fun and I look forward to another year!

Happy 17th:),

Donna said...

haaaappy birthday!!! i know how all those crazy changes feel all right. kinda scary, but in the best possible way.

elliebird said...

dude. your post is fine. in fact...your face is fine.

and 17 was...NOT my year. but i hope it will be yours. i think 18 will be mine. so far, it's been pretty good, and i think this is my year to "learn and grow."