In review:

It snowed.
But you already know that.

I did some homework.
Sledded (is that how you say that?) down a snowy hill.
Baked brownies.
Made a salad.
Went through an awesome neighborhood.
Went to a park.
Had dinner in Montevallo with some of my bestest friends.
Watched Dan in Real Life with the above mentioned friends.

An attempt at Julia Child's Orange Spongecake.
Attempt because I had about 6 things go wrong!

More than great weekend!
To Maggie and Jamie (you little creeper ;D): the food was absolutely amazing.
To Morgan...your photos are just...cool. And thanks for dancing with me!
To Ryan: Thanks for the rock climbing encouragement.
To Asa: You're just cool. Because that apple in the snow was awesome.

P.S. I now check my knife to make sure I'm cutting with the sharp edge.

(all photo credit goes to Boy Morgan)


elliebird said...

great pictures. way to go boy morgan.
was the reality of that picture of ryan climbing as scary and dangerous as it looks in the picture?
and he's in keds. wow. smart kid.
looks like fun! next time i come, i definitely want to go to moss rock.

Hair-Bo said...

I think my favorite is you on the bench. that one's really cool.

Elise said...

looks wonderful!! glad you finally got some snow. :)

Owl of the Desert said...

What a wonderful weekend. Love the pics.

Max-Frederick said...

Awesome pictures!!!
I'm a little jealous you got to hang out with those awesome people.
Did you get any pictures of your own?

Saura Lnow said...

Your Post Script is just adorable :)