Sometimes having a blog...I feel like I'm the most self-centered person.
Because here I am posting pictures of none other...than myself.
"Look! I took a picture of myself...and I had good hair day!"
"I baked a cupcake!"
"I thought the sun was pretty...so I took a picture of my face shining in it!"
But. In the end, I think we all understand that we're not necessarily self centered.
We find happiness in small things.
And when I post I hope that by me showing some of y'all the happiness I get from some of these things, that you will smile and feel a smidgen of the happiness I feel.
I feel blessed, and I just want to share my blessed life with others.

I'm super blessed.

I love:

Dad and Mommah
Savanna & Graham
MJ & Chelsea
My family
My beyond amazing group of friends
Art & Music
The Great Outdoors

I love, love, love my life.
And maybe that's why I love Valentine's day.
Sure...I could just sit in my bed with my mascara running wondering WHY ON EARTH I DIDN'T HAVE SOMEONE SPECIAL TO CELEBRATE THIS HOLIDAY WITH???

I know, girls are weird.
(and for some reason my italics won't turn off!!!)

that's annoying.
and now it's breaking my dramatic epiphany about valentine's day...


GO AW---I give up. Italics...you can have your day in the sun.
I'll let you.

k so (ah! it's gone!)

I LOVE my life.
That's the love I'm celebrating today.
What about you??

P.S. I DO have special PEOPLE to celebrate this holiday with.
And that's why I love Valentine's day :D


elliebird said...

amen! amen! amen!
i'm with you.

and you're cute.
did you have fun in montevallo?

Max-Frederick said...

hahaha, i loved how the font kept getting bigger and bigger.. I LOVE LOVE!!!!!!
I love this post.
I feel like you post all the things i don't think of, but i agree with completely!!!
I love you too.

chelsea rebecca said...

those heart pictures are adorable!

and i love you take on valentines day! perfect!

Anonymous said...

Your pictures are so cute! As well as your blog!!