A Monsoon of Frozen Water

I woke up this morning a little before 7 and hurried to my window, hoping to see some snow. I raised my blinds and there it was...the absence of white loveliness. That's right. None. Zip. Zilch. Eventually I moseyed my way down the stairs and fixed myself some breakfast. When my dad came in I made a comment about not being surprised the snow hadn't come. He then informed me that it wasn't expected until 10 am.
Around 9:30 it began to descend from the clouds, soft and slow...but it was coming. The pace and density grew and grew until it was sticking to the bushes and trees. Looking out the window, I realized how much I love the way the snow outlines the trees. I threw on some boots and a jacket and trudged out into the war of white snowflakes, taking pictures-of course. I was stunned at the rate the snow was falling and how well it was sticking! Eventually I went inside and to do some school. I kept stealing glances over my shoulder at the window behind me. Yep, it was still falling. I felt like I lived in Alaska! You see, Alabama doesn't get snow but every blue moon. After a couple of things were checked off the list, I decided to put on a snow outfit (somehow consisting of a white dress, under armor, and tights), and go outside to take more pictures of my, now, winter wonderland. In just a few hours the snow had thickened to 2 inches leaving me stunned at the sight. Honestly, the sound of a snowy day is one of the most beautiful parts of snow. The sound is nothing. It's calm; it's peaceful.

In a perfect world...(I'm in NO way complaining)

I would wake up to inches and inches of ivory goodness. Bundle up in colorful winter clothes, grab a camera and run outside. Once I reached the door, a herd of my friends and family would be outside waiting to play. Pictures would be taken, snow ball fights would occur, and a lot of hugs would happen. Once our noses, toes, and finger tips are almost frost bitten we would all go inside. A big pot of chili would be waiting for us, served up with a big glass of milk. I would bake a whole army of delectable goodies. Our den would have a blazing fire buit in the fireplace, either a movie or music would be playing. Everyone would have a mug of hot chocolate. Some people would be on their laptops, some people would be deep in conversation. Some would have their noses buried into a book, and some would be laughing as if the funniest joke in the world had just been told. Good movies would be watched. And good music would be played and sung. If I looked out the window it would look as if I'd stepped into a Narnian winter. If I looked around, the room would be warm and glowing.
And that would be a perfect snowy day.


Brittany said...

Confession: I don't like snow.
But I still really loved this post.
Your photos are so fun.

Also, love your blog!

Max-Frederick said...

yeah... i was wondering how you ended up in a pretty dress :)
AWESOME pictures!!!!!

Owl of the Desert said...

Cute, cute pictures!! We totally had chilli tonight. Perfect for this cold, white, beautiful day!

Dani said...

I want to be in on your perfect snow day, because that truely sounded amazing!

Anonymous said...

Aymie and I went out in the snow.

I have pictures actually and will post them soon...in like two months

Saura Lnow said...

I vote I'm not having surgery next time it snows like this

Hair-Bo said...


CAPow! said...

cute pics! I have to say that one of the worst feelings in the world is going to bed expecting to wake up to a snow storm and then finding NOTHING in the morning