I could go for this right about now...

Wah. A bunch to do.

I like this picture, it throws me back to the moment.
This moment took place in San Francisco, the first night I was there.
And I can't believe it, but it's been a year since I went to San Francisco.
I fell in love with that city.
Love, love, love.


Rachel said...

ooooh my I am still jealous that you went on that trip. It does NOT seem like a year since I went through your "newly published" San Fran photo album on facebook and sighed... SHEESH!! time. where does it go.

and now Im hungry. ha ha

Hair-Bo said...

that looks exceeding yummy.

WV - drusions

Max-Frederick said...

a whole YEAR?!!
I can't believe that...
it looks delicious..
Lots to do!