To have a brother...

A big brother is a blessing.
I can goof off with Graham.
I can have deep conversations with Gum.
I can dance with my bubba.
I can explore with Graham.
I laugh, I cry, I yell, I talk, I sing, I play...with my brother.

He's a cool kid.

Oh. What a blessing.
Love ya Mr. 32.


elliebird said...


::sniffle:: :/

Hannah said...

Love it. And I love how you and Graham love each other :)

Dodger of Sheep said...

I think...I think I have something in my eye. There, ok, it's gone.
This means a lot, Whit. You're definitely the best little sister I've ever had.

Hey...where's the picture of me holding your dead body?

Hair-Bo said...

You two = awesome

WV - periashi

PS. "Dodger of Sheep"? That has got to be the coolest title of all time.

Max-Frederick said...

(and how did i miss this post?!?)
I love all those pictures :)
Love having older brothers

Anonymous said...

Aw, special.

I expect a post about big sisters really, really soon...or else. ;-)