If you can't climb big...go home

Ok, so i didn't climb big. Nor did i go home. So I guess that title was ill-fitting. But i did climb...and it was so much fun! I've always wanted to learn to rock climb so maybe one day I'll post a picture of me in a harness, a helmet, some spandex, and some chalk on my hands (ok. maybe not the spandex.), climbing up a rock the size of...um...well bigger than the one in this picture.

Euphoria is hosting a giveaway in honor of her 100th post!
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Rachel happens to be as enthusiastic and happy in person as she is on her sweet ol' blog. (Aha. I can say OLD because she's about to post her 100th POST! ...lame joke. i know.)
I've known Rachel since we were both all legs -ok, well she's always been all legs and in comparison I had stumps- and arms. I used to be scared to ask her dad if she could come and eat lunch with me after church (He was tall too!!! I mean...picture a kid gnome with wild curly hair walking up to a giant...that was the equivalent). One time we turned on Lifetime movies and watched some really creepy movie about this couple kidnapping the neighbor's children.
Another time, we danced around in our dining room to Enya.
She now lives away from me :(
But. It's always a joy to see this girl! (Singing School for sure!)
Love ya.
(go to this post to enter her giveaway)
Check out her fab blog:

"sail away, sail away, sail away"

and I don't know how to fix my font problem.
everything just keeps getting bigger and bigger...


elliebird said...

when was this?
it took me forEVer to figure out that that was Asa.
dude, i'm going rock climbing (hopefully) in May in Florida. i'm super excited. i promise to take pictures...or...have pictures taken. and i also promise that i will not be wearing spandex.

Stephanie said...

looks like fun! Love your blog :)

Hair-Bo said...

Now THAT looks like fun! And a wonderfully written post.

WV - butbo

Rachel said...

this was super duper sweet of you!! many thanks for spreading the word!!

oooh the memories... and I DO remember the movie we watched. remember they dyed her hair red or something???

missy you much.

the end.

Amber said...

Ha, yea my font's done that too. Not sure how to fix it.
But that rock climbing adventure looks amazing!
And it feels so much more hard-core climbing on real rocks, than on a rock wall (which is fun too).
PS. Hi, I'm Amber! Love the blog.

Juliette Crane said...

this looks so much like devil's lake, wi. can't wait for springtime:) xoxo, juliette

chelsea rebecca said...

that climb is incredible!! and i'm entered into the euphoria giveaway!! crossing my fingers!