Friday was my grandmother's 83rd birthday, so the girls that were at home took her out to eat at Cafe Dupont. I love downtown Birmingham. To me, it's like a little hidden gem. To have fun you kind of have to have a relationship with the city. It's a good ol' southern city with good food, and some pretty cool architecture. Morris Avenue ( a cobblestone street) is probably one of my favorite parts. Trains, bridges, beautiful bridges, gorgeous sunsets, workplay :D (my second home), and so much more.

My posts this week will either be scarce or non existent.
Gooooo Teenpact!
(school trip...camp...)


Owl of the Desert said...

That food looks so good, and I am so hungry.

Katie said...

I believe you on the HIDDEN GEM part. Four friends and I spent a miserable evening before and after a Chris Thile concert searching for our way in downtown Birmingham... our way, and especially a Starbucks, which we FINALLY stumbled upon, only to discover it had closed a few minutes before, while WE were navigating the confusion of various and sundry roads and alleys which seemed to lead nowhere in particular, but be an endless circle.

Long comment - sorry! I'm sure it really is a beautiful place; my experience was probably not a fair portrayal.

Anonymous said...

Birmingham really is a fantastic city. Love it dearly...miss it.

chelsea rebecca said...

all that food looks simply divine!

Amber said...

Yummm, looks tasty.
PS. I left a little something for you on my blog.