To be angry...

First of all, if you're angry for the wrong reasons, your anger is a sin.
And when I say "your anger", I mean mine this time.
I got upset about something and was all in a fury. Seriously it was so stupid.
Then this morning my mom told me that our neighbor's husband had died. (Well, the husband was our neighbor as well, I just had never met him)
But I remembered that he had a 15 year-old son.
There's some perspective for you. I'm getting angry over something so small, when there's a boy going through some of the hardest years of life and he now has lost his father. Now I don't know how close they were, if they were buds, or if they fought constantly, but I DO know that the man was his father. And I can't imagine losing my dad.
This goes to show you how much of a sinner I am. Anger for the wrong reasons, upset over something so small.
There are people out there with MUCH bigger problems than mine. So here is where I can find my perspective. And start praying for others, and not just myself.

On that super happy note *cough, cough*
Monday night (last week) ,while we were in Montgomery for TeenPact, we went to a restaurant called ZaZa's (it might be SaZa's...). Rachel and I split a most delicious meatball pizza. It was just amazing.


Dani said...

ummmm... I think I want that pizza for lunch now...

chelsea rebecca said...

sorry you were upset this morning. i hope your wednesday is better! that pizza looks incredible!