Because of this fabulous lady, I was reminded that yesterday was National Pancake Day.
Now, I didn't go to iHop...(just wanted to use the apple way of capitalization.) BUT I did make my own pancakes at home.
via Rockstar Diaries.

So delicious :D

I can't express to you, just how beautiful a kitchen is early in the morning.
Quiet, peaceful, with the sunlight just barely peeking in to say hello.

And yes, we do have a humidifier sitting on our counter. We shut the door in dry air's face...or at least we try to.


chelsea rebecca said...

those look SO incredible!! i've been wanting to try that recipe! maybe i'll have to celebrate pancake day all over again!!

Hair-Bo said...

Dad. Gum. Those pancakes are killing me. Your gonna have to make a plate of pancakes just like that for me next time I come to your house.

WV - doschan

I Think My Tummy Hurts said...

Ok, i want those pancakes and that bacon right NOW. looks so good!

ahlin said...

love chelsea. love rockstar diaries. lovvve pancakes. love your blog! :)

Rachel said...

I adore this entire post.
pancakes, rockstar and chelsea.

Brittany said...

yum yum yum. your pancakes look sooo good!

Anonymous said...

Uhhh, pancakes...

How come you never want to cook like this when I'm actually at home? Hmmm?