My project

My sister's birthday present. I made this for her :D
It's super fun making these necklaces, and I'm hoping more people will want some!
I made one for Mary-John for her birthday back in August, but I've cleaned it up a bit.

Happy Thought from the weekend!:


elliebird said...

is that last picture from the meeting? i'm so sad i didn't get to come. :( y'all look really cute and i miss y'all a hugenormous bunch!

elliebird said...

oh, and your outfit looks almost exactly like one that taza wears. especially the tights and shoes.

Carrie said...

so cute great job!

what a cute bunch ya'll are :)


Saura Lnow said...

I'm sad that I missed that :(
but it's a very cute picture :D

Rachel said...

So sad I missed the meeting =[

But I must admit... the picture of you girls is adorable.

aaaannnnnnd. I am in love with the necklaces! charming.

Kristin said...

Etsy shop! Such a fabulous piece. : )

Max-Frederick said...

You've got Mags and I lined up for the necklaces!!
and hey. I expect those picture to be up!