Cluttered, Tousled, Disheveled

That's how I feel! And it's purely my fault. This past Oct/Nov month I've just gotten so indulgent and it's now starting to take its toll. I just feel unkempt and out of order. One large side dish of life back on track please!!
My :
-Room is constantly messy
-Closet is an absolute wreck
-School work is piling up
-Chores aren't getting done
-Money is straying off from me
-Life is wonderful! But I need to organize it more!

Anybody have any tips???


Saura Lnow said...

if you could see my room you wouldn't ask me :)

beatrice said...

to do lists. they make the world go round.

and... haha why is mary-john wearing a girl scout juniors vest?