Random bits & pieces

As weird as this sounds, sometimes I want to sleep in red lipstick.
I want to wear it badly but it looks funny with braces.
The DAY I get them off, red lipstick here I come!Oh, I do hate it when it is fuzzy.
But wearing flower headbands always make a girl seem twice as lovely!

I love, love fall.

I found this a few months ago on Rockstar Diaries, and thought it was genius.
It's sad how America has gotten into the mentality of "If you have to work hard for it, it's not true love." That ideology is destroying marriages and families. In reality, you're supposed to work for true love.



Elly May said...

I really really like this blog post, especially because just the other day I was thinking about red lipstick, and how I have never worn it, and I am going to buy some very soon! =] Your comment about it made me smile.

Carrie said...

I really wish I could wear red lipstick i just can't it looks awful on me :(

btw: love marilyn


Max-Frederick said...

I LOVE that.

Johnnie said...

brett says when i wear red lipstick it makes me rebellious...who knows. but it is fun to wear! who cares about the braces! wear it anyway. ;)