2 weekends ago we went to the AU to celebrate homecoming!
Auburn vs. Furman
Who's that you ask?
I about flipped when I found out that we were going to be playing Furman.
Furman is a college in South Carolina.
I was so excited because ,Bear (the lead singer of my favorite band), played football there.
So I got a little giddy at the purple and white.
Maybe I even daydreamed of running into the band...sadly it didn't happen.


I got my prom dress at a vintage store!
It's beautiful. But I think I'll just wait to post a picture of it.
I want to be all decked out in prom glory.
Prom Glory.
My Meme was telling me how at her prom they would arrive, the Home-Ec department prepared a meal for everyone, and then they might have had a speaker.
No dancing.
Sad :(
But I'm not about the hug & sway thing.
I'll actually dance at my prom...I might have to teach my date...

So here's to my most favorite football team in the world (and college): AUBURN!


Rachel said...

oooh I cannot wait to see your vintage dress! sadly I never made it to a prom of my own

Anonymous said...

yeah you are going to have to teach your date how to dance :D

Dani said...

hmmmm a vintage prom dress, we must see pictures.

We were going to go to the Homecoming game but it didn't work out to come home that weekend.