It's that time again.

Yes. It really IS that time again!
Well, you know...alarm clocks, notebooks, the sound of pages turning,
new pencils...catch my drift?
Today was my first day of school. And, well, I'm home schooled so this means
to MY school (consisting of the last student...ME!): obligatory first day
of schoolpictures. OUR equivalent to Yearbook photos.
What I absolutely LOVE about the beginning of school is...Autumn is coming.
I LOVE fall. My favorite season since I was young.
Even though I love all seasons.
But the smell, feel, and the LOOK of fall just fills me up with happiness!
Chilly weather (not cold...I HATE cold), that fall breeze, turning leaves,
FOOTBALL SEASON! (War Eagle!), cook outs, days at the farm, s'mores,
tailgating, jackets, scarves, Halloween...I could go on, and on and ON!
Daydreaming about fall is a bit premature.
It is still 80-something degrees outside.
A girl can wish, can't she???

what is up with this image quality? anyone know how
to upload photos WITHOUT them looking fuzzy?


amelie said...

what happened to your poor little finger?

Max-Frederick said...

My pictures did the same thing!!
I couldn't figure it out :/

my word notification is "undled" it just seems like such a cute word!! It makes me happy!!

Anonymous said...

you boo-ti-ful!!!

Anonymous said...

Roll Tide! ;)

Androphenese said...

this is not a lovely remark. did you draw that owl? does it have a name? do you only like pictures of you what show half your face, because everyone else likes pictures that who your whole face -except for me. i like the half face pictures. happy birthday.

Little Lady said...

Fall is my favoite as well. It is so wonderful. Lovely post and I love the pics.

P.S. Roll Tide!

Hair-Bo said...


Fall is my favorite season as well, and I'm actually kinda excited about school. This year's gonna be great, i can just feel it.