When I wake up in the morning, and it's thundering outside my window.
I don't want to get up. And I'll dream all day about how I could've done that,
if it was still summer. No big thoughts today. Not yet at least...

p.s. i'm having a problem with this photo not getting all super fuzzy. bear with me :D


Elly May said...

it was drizzling this morning when I woke up... and I just wish I could have burrowed under my covers and hibernated like a bear.


Max-Frederick said...

Morning's like that are the reason we wish we didn't have to go to school.
Like now for instance, my bedroom looks so cozy.
And you should make a book, it's fun, very very time consuming, fun though. There's this book at anthropologie (well..i found it on amazon and borders too) but it's got all these homemade things and recipes and stuff like that, and they have this REALLY cool looking book in there... anyways, i may get it. :D

and I miss you.