I feel like 'cool' is such a loaded word. And who doesn't want to be the epitome of what it means to be cool? Whether it be a lifestyle, attitude, style, experiences (and and the list could go on), people can be cool in so many ways. But all of those ways are based on worldly things. And no one is cool 100% of the time. So when I watched 'Almost Famous' for the first time tonight (shocking. I know.) I was hit really hard by a certain quote:

"The only true currency
 in this bankrupt world
is the truth that we share 
with one another
when we are being uncool."

And there it is. Life is not about being cool. It's about being uncool with people who love you no matter what. The friends that stick around are the friends who still look at you with warm eyes and open arms at your most uncool moments. And those friends are only a tiny representation of how God looks at us. He doesn't want us to be cool, he wants us to be the way He made us...He wants us honest. 

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