the weekenders: ice cream

If you've ever been to Auburn, you KNOW that you have to try Toomer's Lemonade. But when I go to Toomer's it is more likely that I will walk out with an ice cream cone than a big cup of lemonade (I can take about 5 or 6 sips of the lemonade and I'm done...it's SO sour!). And...I'll probably have a scoop of chocolate chip cookie dough.
Quick story: my freshman year, I went to Toomer's for ice cream in August (right after classes had started) and I sat down with my ice cream cone, went to lick the ice cream and it fell on the ground. It had rolled OFF the cone!

So I just picked it up and put it back on the cone. And then enjoyed my ice cream.
Nothing comes between me and ice cream...





I kind of always dreamed I would meet that special someone at Auburn, and we would be a little Auburn couple and go to football games, Toomer's, J&M, and lots of coffee shops in Auburn. I dreamed of taking coffee to that boy while he was studying for midterms and baking him little goodies. And you know, God always gives you the better plan and the better future. Turns out, I knew Garrett before going to college and we go to different schools. But he does visit and we get to go to games and Toomer's AND eat our ice cream on Samford lawn. So uh...war eagle?

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