You're Worth

On Monday, I drove down with some friends to Orlando.
And this is what we did yesterday:

FYI. The guys are ridiculously talented (Zac on Guitar and harmony, Clayton on tambourine and harmony, and Garrett on banjo).

And there will be more to come.


Laken said...

I've showed this video to 3 people in the past 15 minutes. Needless to say, I love it.

Rachel said...

this was absolutely lovely Whitney! and you're about an hour from me, ;)

Katie-Barry said...

Y'all sound so great! I love your voice. By the way, your blog looks great. I hope mine can look as good one day haha

annie said...

whitney, this was fantastic. i hope we get to hear more soon! (and orlando? you're so close to my neck of the woods... come to tallahassee next! :))

Mary-John said...

babe i dig your tunes ;)

Jennifer Young said...

What talent!! You have such a lovely voice, Whitney!