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Goodbye sandals.

You were wonderful.


About 3 years ago, I bought a pair of strappy black sandals from Payless. I wore them ALL the time. And about the 2nd year I had them, I was walking down a hill at singing school and a root got caught between my foot and the bottom of the sandals. *YANK* and the toe strap ripped out.
Sad, sad day!

Fortunately, a few months later, my cousin found a pair that look exactly the same for a very awesome price at New York and Company...well of course I snatched em up.

After my summer of camps, the bottom of the soles split (see photo above) and it made me sad but I kept wearing them because I didn't want to cough up the cash or take the time to find another pair of perfect sandals.
Yesterday I decided to wear my sandals. While walking to class and all that jazz, I tripped...probably 4 or 5 times. You see, the split would get caught on the tiniest uneveness (word?) or a brick or sidewalk seaming and I would trip. NOT.FUN.

But the worst was when I was going to meet up with a couple o' friends at the library, and as I climbed the steps, somehow a step got caught in between my foot and the sole of my shoe...and I thought I just scratched my foot, (this was followed by a baby 'ow'). But I just kept walking.
(Ima get a little gruesome here so...sorry...ok not THAT gruesome)
Before I started the second little set of steps, I felt a gooey substance in my shoe...so I looked down and low and behold...my foot was bleed and there was blood on my sandal.

So I said goodbye to my sandals.

Let me add though...when I walked into the library there was a rather large group of guys just standing in the lobby...I was SO tempted to be all, 'Ohhhhh! My foot! It's bleeding!' -- and walk over to a couch near them to hold my foot and pout.
But the truth was it didn't actually hurt and I would feel so dumb doing that.
Although I could've asked for a pre-med student...AH! WHY DIDN'T I DO THAT?!?!?!

oh. and I miss these kids:

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p.s. I'd like to add...I can't believe I've been in college for 3 weeks. And in that 3 weeks...I've chilled out so much. It's kind of weird. But I like it...I'm planning on that being a normal thing.
So everybody...this is Whitney: she's more chill than ever.



Laken said...

Why are you so cute?

Poor sandals - I had to toss some just last week. Sad day.

Anonymous said...

Yes.You should have done that with the guys! ;)

meredith lockhart said...

um love your blog! totally had that happened with my favorite pair of sandals. it's a depressing day when you have to toss them!