a soul that is not meant for this world.
an eye for things eternal.
a heart for all.
a love that never ceases.

I definitely pray for these things...

I think sometimes we hear about how we need to read our bible because it's good for us.
and then we're supposed to read it because we love God...not out of obligation.

I feel as though we approach reading the word and encouraging others to read the word by telling them about how it shows we love God and we learn from it.

But what I've been wondering is:
do we realize how much we truly desire the word?
Our flesh doesn't want the word.
But the spirit inside of us craves it.

And so many times we deprive our soul and spirit of it's food.

Until I really get into the word, I forget how it truly strengthens me and my spirit.
I need it...all the time.


Something about walking through a quiet campus during sunset makes me just feel love.
(weird, considering no one was around)
I feel calm and just content. I saw a squirrel and I just started smiling...and then I passed a guy who was all, "why are you smiling...?"
(ok. he didn't say it out loud but he was totally thinking it and shooting me that LOOK.)
To look at all these man-made buildings and then to look at God's paint just spilling over on top of the buildings tracing them in orange...makes me feel small.


happy saturday!

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Courtney said...

Love that first picture especially! Super warm and wonderful!