Say What?

3 weeks.
I have 3 weeks until I move to school.

This past Saturday, I had a moment of realization that what I JUST said ^ was true.
This past Saturday was the 3 week mark.

Am I excited?
I love the independence of being able to go wherever I want, whenever I want without anyone's permission.
I like the fact that I'll be walking to class and I'll be in class with other people (home schooled remember?).
I'll get to walk to class in the fall with a to-go cup of coffee.
I'll have study buddies.
I get to sit in Jordan-Hare stadium as a STUDENT.
I'll have a school of my own...with amazing team spirit.
I'll have drawing assignments.
I get to "nest" in my dorm.
I become my own person, doing what I like.

But at the same time...
I'm going somewhere new by myself.
Completely new people that I can't always trust immediately.
or at all.

I love change...but this is BIG.
This is COLLEGE.

I'm going to college.

yes. all that to say:



Eleanor at Mirror Of My World said...

have an amazing time, college is fantastic xxx

Max-Frederick said...


michaelacosta said...

If your math class is anything like the one in the picture, all I have to say is GOOD LUCK.

Amy said...

augh!!! what is going on? why is this child allowed to go to college?!