Charleston - Day 2 - Part I

Trust me.
There has to be parts to the days in Charleston. We did SO much.

Caryanne is a beauty
Carriage Tour
Fast & French
Fast & French
Fast & French
Fast & French

1) Walking towards the carriage tours...we passed the Billy Reid store and I about died.
2) Pretty Savanna waiting for our carriage tour.
3) Chelsea's pretty blues.
4) Caryanne is...well she's dang pretty is what she is!
5) Chelsea loves the horse. But the horse was lookin' a little blue :(
6) Mmmm. Palmettoooo
7) Cobblestone.
8) Walkin' to lunch. I was a happy camper.
9) Um. Welllllp. I can't remember what this was called.
10-14) Fast & French (sooo yummy). I had a mushroom & potato soup with gouda and crusty french bread...it was amaaazing.


Harris said...

looooove 3. I love the ever so slight out of focusness and very underwater coloring. super cool effect.

oh, and i love you too chelsea.

wv - anons

Harris said...

Oh wow. I just had to post this. the next word verification after my comment was: beeblet. Oh yes. It was. The Beeb will have a child. And will be a Beeblet. And it will be awesome. Because Blogger foretold it.

Giann said...

What ever Chelsea is eating, looks amazing!! such a pretty town!