18. 18. 18.

Yep. I'm 18, now.
Big girl.
I wear big girl pants(...?), and I make big girl decisions.

I can vote.
But that's it in the state of Alabama.
Oh. I can order stuff on the TV!
AND go to Workplay by myself.

Here are photos of my day on June 8th!

First I met Mary-John, Chelsea, and Melanie at Urban Standard for breakfast!
I got a cupcake!
Then we headed to What's on 2nd and just mosied around for a tad bit of time.
The Summit for some shopping.
to First Avenue Rocks for some climbing (holy cow...new favorite thing ever)
On the way home from rock climbing, Chelsea and I stopped and got a couple of snow cones.
Once we arrived home, Mommah and Savanna wanted to eat Supper...so...we headed to Jackson's (ok. if you EVER go...order the cookie dough egg rolls...they will change your life)
We then proceeded to take photos in Soho.
(sorority post to the right...a joke. and then MY pose. OH yesh.)

It was a fantastic birthday.
Wonderful, wonderful.


rachel tsunami said...

Please explain cookie dough egg rolls. Not that I should. Or would Ever. But I might...Unless I decide I shouldn't. However, in the interest of cultural and gastronomic literacy, just tell me what these are.

rachel tsunami said...

Oh my. The cookie dough egg roll completely overcame the priority of wishing you, retroactively, a lovely birthday, which you had, and even more to the point, a simply splendid Nineteenth Year: In Which Whitney has ever-so-many firsts and adventures and flexes her new adult muscles in pursuit of a fabulous life. ::whew:: There.

Owl of the Desert said...

What a fantabulous day it looks like you had. A lovely birthday indeed.

Urban Standard = LOVE

First Ave. Rocks = thank you for introducing me. I had no idea this place existed, and am now uber excited to try it sometime.

Jackson's Bistro = YUM; Alan and I ate there the other night, and these summer nights are perfect for sitting outside.

So glad you had a great day. Hope this next year is every bit delightful.

Mary said...

Hey, I happened upon your blog through a friend. You've got fine taste ma'am. Are you the photographer?

Oh and Happy Birthday. =)