Scarves, blazers, and neutrals, oh my!

I understand that the fashion industry can be extremely superficial. I understand that fashion designers are allowing skeleton-like models to strut their clothes down a runway...and I understand that this gives the connotation that you must be stick thin to be fashionable. I understand that clothing is just fabric, thread, and a whole bunch of time...but, what I also understand is how clothing is an art form.
When you look at clothes as art, it kind of changes the way you feel about them. You experiment with color, you experiment with textures, you experiment with proportions. Your body stands as a blank canvas, and you have the chance to create art every single morning. You create art in the way that you pair items of clothing, and then you create art with the attitude you wear that outfit. Fashion designers are artists because (obviously) they create the clothing in which you put on your back.
FASHION = an Art Form

Now feast on some art:

via The Sartorialist
via The Sartorialist
via The Sartorialist
via The Sartorialist
via The Sartorialist
via The Sartorialist
via The Sartorialist
via The Sartorialist
via Stockholm Streetstyle
Now a little bit of spring:
via Hanneli Mustaparta
all photo credit to The Sartorialist
except the last 2.
chartreuse (or is it just pale yellow?) top: Hanneli Mustaparta


Meg said...

Love all these looks, but so happy you ended with Spring... I just got SO happy! ;)


Ramsey said...

I'm in love with alll of these ESP the girl with long hair! Gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

yeah.that is one thing that I think is stupid.All models are...skeletons.And its kind of ..sick(no jealous sick) to look at them.

YOU however are the PERFECT model :D

Giann said...

Love the second to last one! Have you tried Pajama Jeans yet? I bet you will like them! :)

Ashley said...

I'm in love with that mustard jacket!!

Ashley said...

all these jackets are a dream. i never get to wear that stuff in az...its too warm even in the winter. we're more like your spring picture :) ha

Sophie said...

fashion is definitely an art form! all these girls look gorgeous! love every single one of their looks. love your sunday get-up from your previous post too :) i just found your blog and i am a new follower x