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So as a LOT of you know The Civil Wars came out with their debut album about 2 weeks ago.
Well...they played 3 shows in Birmingham the weekend I left for Virginia :(
So I missed them and I doubt they'll play at WorkPlay again.
I mean...they had 3 shows because the first two sold out like lightning.

There's always a joy when this happens, but also a bit of sorrow. This happened with NEEDTOBREATHE. They played WorkPlay all the time. And I LOVE WorkPlay. It's an intimate setting with your favorite musicians. But once everyone else catches on that these folks are just CRAZY amazing...well they have to move to bigger venues.
I'm so happy for their success (back to The Civil Wars, but I am happy to NTB's success, too! T.Swift tour opening act??? YES.).
But a tiny bit sad because it's just not as intimate a show.
Although...The Civil Wars music itself is intimate enough, maybe even in an arena they wouldn't lose that feeling.
Here's hoping!

Let me just say that I will always remember finding their myspace page quite a bit ago and listening to their track 'Falling' for the first time. I had earphones on my computer and just sat in my swivel chair completely astounded at the sound entering my ears. I was sold from that point on. These kids are talented ;)
(one of the two is from Alabama...so that has something to do with it, right?)

And a comment on their style:
Musical, fashion, art -- I mean their all around "style"
I LOVE it. It's an artsy-southern-gothic thing that's just plumb perfect.
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I'll direct you to these photos here:
(Go TEC!)
The Civil Wars (click on that for the photos...yeah....like that)

and then here:

Seriously. If you go to Florence, AL and have a show in the middle of a Billy Reid store...by candlelight...you have to be unique and talented.

P.S. Where does Joy Williams find all her cute little black dresses? I'm dying over here!

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