And I'm off....carrying a 50,000 ton suitcase...

So I'm going here next week:
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I'll be walking around in my new Clarks (my super uncomfortable heels just weren't gonna cut it, honey), mid-calf length skirts, and a blazer. Of course, that's only what I'll be wearing...what I'll be DOING is walking around with a group of kids (kids a little younger than me, but possibly older) and teaching them about the Virginia Legislature, the Virginia Judicial process, critical thinking, deciphering media for yourself, how a bill becomes a law...and a bunch of other stuff (and really that's just the government part of this amazing ministry. We focus on Christian leadership the most.). But see, I'm not the only one doing that.
This spring, I'm part of a team about 150 people strong. State staffers, traveling staffers (me!), Interns, Program Directors, and then the actual office staff: the people who make it allllll happen. I cannot describe to you how awesome it is to be on this team. I played soccer for one year a loooong time ago. But that's the only sport I've played. Besides that, I haven't really been on a team. But, this team is way better than any sports team. These are the people that not only HOPE the best for you, your life, and your state class but they pray for you. They write you encouraging notes, texts, e-mails. They let you know they have complete faith in you. Returning staffers, the interns, program directors, and the office staff are all willing to help you out if you're stuck on something while preparing for a class. And these people are not only intelligent but they are constantly growing in their relationship with Christ. They encourage everyone around them. It's humbling to actually be included in a group like this! CRAZY!
And I can't believe I get to be a part of that (not the AMAZING part, just the group of people). I get to work closely with these people, and together we get to do our best to 'change lives to change the world' (TeenPact's vision statement...thought I'd sneak it in there).
I get to be a part of this:
via Facebook. Staff Team.
AH! and it's so exciting!

Now, the 50,000 ton suitcase:

Whitney and Packing.
I like packing...and I'm good at getting stuff in a suitcase.
However, I'm not so good at packing small amounts of clothing.
When I went to TX for staff training, I had to do use the expanding zipper. And then it weighed 54 pounds and I had to take out a pair of boots (apparently I didn't need two pairs of brown lace up boots. whatever.) and a pillow.
Well now I have to do that again. This time I'm packing more clothes (capitol clothes for everyday, and then an extra set for the evening) and I'm going to have to PLAN my outfits! I HATE planning outfits ahead of time. Now, my capitol clothes I plan ahead of time because, well, that makes sense. But casual clothes? I always just throw a bunch of clothes in and make it up as I go! I'm a mood dresser. So how am I supposed to get dressed in something that I don't feel like wearing (I'm not really joking...it's just hard for me okay, y'all? Don't laugh at me). Oh man. Oh man, oh man, oh man. We'll see how I figure this out!

{Also. I'd to note that I'm trying to cut down on my ellipses. I LOVE using that tri-dot little punctuation, but I use it a LOT. I'm going back in my posts and erasing them. I'll keep some because I just love them, but I'm cutting back.}

I'll be out for the next week. Pray for me if you want to, it would be greatly appreciated. I'll try and take some pictures and maybe a video (if I say that on my blog maybe I'll do it and try to figure out this darned iMovie! It ninja chops my brain every time I try to use it!).


Laken said...

This is so exciting, miss! You're definitely in my prayers!

Anonymous said...

See, this is when being a mood-dresser does NOT come in handy...

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Okay this sounds kind of AMAZING. So is this like a church and government kind of thing? It sounds like something I was once part of only more state government involved. I'd love to know more about this!

Jenni Austria Germany said...

oh, man, i should try to cut down on the "..." too.

Graham said...

Hey, I found you in that picture! I just looked for the prettiest girl.