Nice and Simple

Sometimes, looking at a photo sends me through this swirl of "feeling".
As in, as long as I keep looking at this photo, my atmosphere is as the photo "feels".
Certain photos can awaken the peace in me. Music can do this too.
Once I've seen this photo, or listened to this song, or experienced both together my world becomes calm and peaceful (and for some reason I think about the colors white and creme a lot).
I just feel happy and content.
Here are a few of those photos.
Sigur Ros, of course. Well, or Jonsi.
charleston is pretty
laundry day
via Into the Gloss

These types of photos make me want to do things like:

go on a walk and just marvel at whatever is around me
clean my room
organize things
close my eyes and feel a breeze
get rid of most of my clothes and replace them with well made items that I will wear forever
drink water
eat an apple
arrange a bunch of peonies
read a book on a blanket in the sunshine
put on lotion that smells divine
pray to and worship the God that created this world (see picture 1)
look out a window at rain
buy the perfect nude lipstick
take my film camera out on an adventure (develop it too)
wear button downs
get a pair of perfect fitting jeans
simplify, simplify, simplify

They always remind me that it's the small things that matter in life.

It's so neat how a single picture can do that.
But they do.
At least for me they do.

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Max-Frederick said...

good good good!!

Haha, My picture is under "things you might also like"

Charity Anne said...

Love the pictures!

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Jenni Austria Germany said...

oh my gosh. i know exactly, exactly, exactly what you mean.

Mo Pie, Please said...

I'm with you. Music and photos and things always make me feel certain ways. I like your pics.

Mo Pie, Please said...

* and your picks

Margaretta said...

i really love this post. you're so right.

Harris said...

Second picture.
It makes me want to ride a smooth ride with the window down and close my eyes in the bright bright sun, and breath the fresh air. And makes me want to wear a comfy, white t-shirt and jeans, and converse.

The last picture just makes me want to keep looking at her hair. She's got perty hair.