Happy Friday!


As much as I would like to say this isn't a wardrobe/outfit post...I can't.
The past couple of weeks I've posted what I've worn on the previous Sunday.
I didn't want to call it an outfit post because when I say that I feel
as though that puts me in a position where I seem like I think I have
some kind of fashion forwardness and that all of you want to see my outfits.
(if that made sense)
So if that's okay with y'all, I'm going to post my Sunday outfits from now on, or try at least.
It has helped me on Sunday mornings. I see colors and patterns that I enjoy together.
I've always tried to give my style a label: artsy, bohemian, edgy, retro, classic, simple, etc.
But I could never find one that suited. Depending on my mood I might want to wear a leather
jacket and a Harley Davidson t-shirt, or I might want to wear a crinoline, heels, and lipstick.
So I recently put all those labels to rest and just started wearing what I like, when I like it.
I might be a bit of a schizophrenic dresser...but who cares?
I do love fashion.
You can express yourself (excuse the extremely cliche phrase), or you can hide yourself.
The way you dress can (CAN) be a hint into the type of person you are.
If someone is ashamed of their body they hide it, baggy clothes and bad posture.
If someone is proud of his or her body, they can show it off in short skirts and with a strut.
I don't condone either.
Not to say a strut is okay every now and then, I just have to remember to preserve some
self-respect and make sure I'm going after the right attention (or...not going after any attention at all).
what the heck kind of organization am I using? None. I'm spilling...sorry if it makes absolutely no sense!
Fashion is a hobby. I really, really enjoy it. And it DOES say a lot about a person, and it IS important.
But I have to remember that it's just clothes. Cloth that can be destroyed with the tiniest snipping of scissors, or spark from a fire.
(lay your treasure up in heaven, right?)

I hope everyone has a splendid weekend. If it's full of food, love, sleeping, smiling, laughing, sunshine or rain, books, music, art, crying, movies, good news, bad news, I know you can make it a good one.
And as cheesy as it is to quote One Tree Hill, "Happiness is a mood, not a destination." Thank you, thank you Mr. Julian Baker.


Courtney said...

Cute, cute!

kid. said...

i love the color mustard yellow lately, so this is amazing!

cb said...

oh i totally agree about calling post outfit posts. i don't think i am fashion forward by any means and i am not a fashion blog either just a girl showing the world that you can ride a bike in style and you don't have to wear spandex!

you look AMAZING though! i am a huge fan of mustard yellow and navy, it is a combo i can't get enough of...actually my post i did today showcases me wearing that exact combo..hehe


Lily said...

You look gorgeous! The mustard cardigan is adorable, and so are you!