Weekend: Friday

On Friday, a bunch of friends met in downtown Birmingham for Wesley's birthday (18!! Woohoo!)!
We played around on Morris Avenue, then went and sipped on some beloved coffee.
I have to say, I like being surrounded by friends that share some of the same mutual hobbies. When I hopped out of my car on Morris, I flung my camera strap over my shoulder and proceeded to meet my people. Once I arrived at the scene of the par-tay, I realized my camera's battery was very, very low (I still took some photos...obviously). But I noticed about 4 other friends prancing around with their cameras, so I didn't feel...TOO bad. We had a film camera, 2 DSLRs (one being used for the video camera capabilities), a point-and-shoot, and a teeny tiny video camera.
Some of my favorite stuff was at Morris:
-longboards (it's fun to watch people on these...
and if I work my courage up I miiiiight hop on one for a couple minutes)
-a train going by
-a willow tree

is anyone else feeling the urge to just go and bake a pie?


Laken said...

I love the first photo! Glad you had a good weekend :)

Matt said...

No, but if you bake one, I will feel an urge to eat it.

Max-Frederick said...

AH! SO wish I could have been there... i like your pictures :)

Abby said...

Great photos :) And I am laughing about the pie... I had the urge Saturday and yes, now we have half of a French Apple Pie left over.

Hair-Bo said...

That's creepy, Fredy. I was about to say virtually the exact same thing.

Whitney, tell Wesley his socks and shoes are the bee's knees.

Hair-Bo said...

oh. and yes. i do.

word verification - mingly

Dani said...

Yeah, but when we went to the store on Saturday for pumpkin we were informed there was a national shortage this year due to flooding, and Publix was out.

Anonymous said...

What? There's a national shortage of pumpkin??? That is just terrible.