The best show no longer on television. And I still don't understand why the heck it would've been canceled.
It's contagious. It is quirky, hilarious, yummy, fashionable, whimsical, handsome (*cough cough* Lee Pace *cough cough*).
The humor is spot on for me.
I love how Ned has this awkward disposition at all times; it seriously makes me HAPPY (hence it being the inspiration for this week's happy thoughts!). Plus, he wears THE most perfect outfits and bakes pies...PIES! How hot is that?
Oh, and don't even get me started on Chuck's clothes.
I'd be here all day

I want this Emile Henry pie dish! Ahhh!

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Ashley said...

One of my favorite shows ever! I wonder why it got canceled too??! I mean really it was so quirky and witty so sad it's no longer on television!