Monday Monday

This weekend was nice.
Saturday, I ate breakfast with the family, then went over to see
Mary-John and ended up going out to eat at Dreamland. (spontaneous bbq, anyone? Mmm. Yes.) Saturday night, we went to my cousin Laura's wedding party. Well, Laura and Frank's I should say. They had a quiet ceremony a few weeks ago and decided
to have a big party with all their friends to celebrate. So I had bbq for supper as well! And of course since it IS the south they projected the Alabama vs. Florida
game on a sheet outside on a wall. (So. I was pulling for Florida, as were/was most AU fans - FL got slaughtered - where are you Tebow??)

Everyday Musings is hosting a giveaway.
Here's the giveaway post:

And it looks like she is giving away some pretty awesome goodies...

Happy Monday!

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Elise said...

ooh I heart candles! Those remind me of my wedding. So romantic. :) Sounds like a lovely weekend!