Mini Photo shoot

Friday my mom and I snapped a few shots of a few necklaces.
This weekend I made 2 more!
I'm hoping to have the etsy up and running within the next couple of weeks.
(Paypal is annoying and hard to figure out!)
Here ya go:
(yes. I feel a little self obsessed putting these up!)


Ms. Emily Ann said...

Love them! You're super talented, girl!

Rachel Marie said...

First off, you are incredibly photogenic and GORGEOUS.
secondly, your talent leaves me drooling, I LOVE the necklace idea.... and promise you I will be ordering as soon as you open the site! Giiiiirl I miss ya =]


Owl of the Desert said...

Love the photos! Very cute!

chelsea rebecca said...

and i agree with rachel.. you are gorg!!!
also i love the black one with the denim shirt!

Elise said...

Super cute!!! Great job!

A "cheery" disposition said...

love the pink one.