Fall come, come, come!

Fall! Come! Today I had to sit in my car for a little bit and just about DIED.
It was crazy hot. Saturday, however, there was a tiny nip in the air and I was so, so happy.
I was picking up some supplies and running errands, so in between stops I would roll down my windows and sun roof and blast NEEDTOBREATHE.
I just pretended it was smack dab in the middle of fall.
And now it's hot again...:(

These pictures are from Sunday.
I was still pretending it was fall.


elliebird said...

holy moly, you've got some remarkable calves.

Sonja said...

hehe I like how you pretended it was fall! hehehe. I know how you feel .
THe weather has been ridiuclous in Toronto too!
Cute blog! :o)