Let Us Love

(photo by Tec Petaja)

I realize I've posted about these kids before. But I guess I just can never stop thinking about them. They're my favorite band since April 2008. I went with some people to see Dave Barnes and NEEDTOBREATHE opened for him...after the show I was like, "Dave Whooo?" But from that show on, I fell head over heels for a band.
No. I'm not a groupie.

This photo is the night I first heard them.
I actually think I made a comment to Bo that went something like this, "You are SO good on the guitar!"
...yes. I said that...to the LEAD guitarist of a band that had been playing together at that time for 8 years...
Maybe he thought it was cute. Ha. But little did I know these guys were about to TAKE OFF.

Stuck in my head is this image of all of the guys on stage singing 'Washed By the Water'.
They were nearing the end of the song, stopped playing all instruments and went 4 part acapella. I was stunned. Bo and Bear also did a guitar duo as an intro to 'Haley' and it was beautiful. Once again, I fell in love.
So here's to you NEEDTOBREATHE for making my life (yes life) so much brighter and beautiful.

If you haven't heard them I encourage you to go RIGHT NOW and youtube, myspace, facebook them.
go to

such a good looking band too!


Celeste said...

some bands just seem to play exactly what our souls have been waiting to say :)

Dani said...

They are my second favorite band of all time. Just barely behind Third Day.