Yesterday, I made brownies (recipe via everdaymusings).
I'm a huuuuuge brownie fan. My family's classic dessert is brownies and ice cream.
I have to say this recipe is amazing, I just needed to bake them longer.
I put the caramel sauce in between two layers (like in the post) but I added about
a tablespoon of whiskey and a tiny splash of coconut extract to the caramel sauce.

And then last night for supper, we had a classic summer meal.

Mmmmm. Fried okra. Black eyed peas with chow on top. Purple onion.
Cornbread. Fresh Tomatoes.


Bridget said...


Emma said...

your brownies look yummy! i posted about the most delicious brownie sundae this week...you must check it out. it's fabulous!


Giann said...

Those look sooo good!! and the rest of the meal too. :)


Melissa said...

Oh my, those brownies sound fantastic!