I remember the way Mother's day used to be back when I was still under the age of 10 (or so). My family and I would go to our Aunt Lucille's house out in Hackleburg (Aunt Lucille being a great aunt) . I was always excited because I got to see my cousin Chelsea. (I now see Chelsea...all the time, and love it! But she still lives in Franklin) This house was old, old, old. It had a wrap around porch and you could see through the wood flooring on the porch. Inside smelled interesting, and I can't remember much but I'm pretty sure Aunt Lucille had some dolls that Chelsea and I would play with. Something about her bathroom was funny...I want to say the toilet paper holder was something clever...I can't remember. The day was a family get together, we'd load up our plates full of yummy goodness and sit on picnic blankets in the yard under big ancient oak trees. The land was surrounded by fields of tall wheat grass in which the older cousins would play hide and seek. You see, it was a big deal to go out in the grass, it was scary and there's no tellin' what kinda creatures were lurkin' in there! My cousin JD would chase the chickens around the yard, Chelsea and I would giggle at the sight. I'm pretty sure there was a swing, and I think there were a couple of barns. We'd usually go to the cemetery for decoration and the 3 gigglies (as dubbed by our Aunt Jane: Chelsea, Mary-John, and myself) would play ring-around-the-rosie on the outskirts of the graves. You see, it was a HUGE deal (still is) to map your way through a cemetery making sure you didn't step on a grave. But one thing I'll always remember is the little cherry trees: Before we (we being me, Chelsea, and sometimes Mary-john aka the "gigglies") would leave to go home, the 3 of us girls would get a bowl and pick cherries off of these little trees in Aunt Lucille's yard and eat them all the way home. Since then, Aunt Lucille has passed on and I've heard a couple of rumors through the family grapevine that someone is going to tear down the house...and sell the land? This is just so stinking sad. I want to visit there again and take pictures so that I can always remember the place. The place that holds a memory that seems like Harper Lee conjured up inside my mind, when in fact, it's my true memory. It's a fact. I live in the south; I live in Alabama. And I love it.

What memories we all have.
Anyone have any memories like this that they care to share?
e-mail me at : misswhitt@gmail.com and I'll post it sometime this week! Send a picture too if you want!

TOMORROW (August 9). My big sister, Savanna, graduates from Auburn University! WAR EAGLE! WOOOOHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

And this dress is the prettiest thing EVER.
Wish I was THAT tiny and had $45 to spare.

annnd this one just...so perfect for sitting on brick steps soaking up some glorious sun.
Or for a bluegrass festival...in downtown Birmingham....on next Sunday...
Man. I need this dress.

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