Yesterday I went to Arlington for lunch with Savanna, Mommah, Grandmother and some of Grandmother's friends. My grandmother and granddad were part of The Lions Club. The wives of the prominent men in the club formed their our little "society" type thing. They would join for lunch, have speakers, have meeting and the like. This started in 1962! So yesterday, a few of the women weren't able to make it to their annual lunch (over time, now they just meet for lunch in stead of meetings...you know, for old times sake) and my grandmother called us to see if we would like to come.
Arlington is an antebellum home built around the 1840s. I'd been there on a girls lunch, also gone to a girls lunch but dressed up in Civil War ball gowns, and then because of that outing we were asked to come back during their Christmas tour and stand around in our dresses. (Trust me...it was FREEZING...I had to stand outside at one point-- I had a short sleeved ball gown!) So going back there is always fun. It's just so amazing to see the southern heritage at a place like that. When I go to antebellum homes, I feel like I'm either stepping into the movie 'Gone With the Wind' or a Nicholas Sparks novel...
Seriously, antebellum homes just have this amazing spirit about them. Although, I think they're a little spooky. I still think they're beyond beautiful.
I ate dessert so quickly I forgot to take a picture of it!
But it was vanilla ice cream & juicy peaches (our waitress kept saying the juicy part...we all thought it was hilarious)
And of course my favorite quote of the day:
You see, my grandmother was never a tall woman, I think she might have hit 5'2" but she has scoliosis so she's now closer to 4'10" or so...
My Aunt Gene to my grandmother, "Willow Dean, you need a booster seat!"


Anonymous said...

Bahhaha! That picture of us is hysterical. You look like you have 3 chins.

michaelacosta said...

I didn't know you were ACTUALLY a tree hugger.