Happy Thoughts on Thursday

Well, hello Thursday!

On April 25, 2010 I went to Sloss Furnaces and saw my favorite band -

I believe I've mentioned them a couple of times on this blog. Anyways...

On the Saturday before (the original day planned for the concert), Birmingham had Tornado warnings and rain out the wazoo. But that morning NEEDTOBREATHE had posted on all their websites: rain or shine, we'll still rock! (basically.)
I was geared and pumped and ready to don my rainboots and raincoat and rock out to their perfect music. After some careful consideration, the band had decided to reschedule for the next night. Which happened to be even BETTER for my group because 2 more people got to go! We arrived an hour before the show...um....yeah...not early enough. Luckily, a friend of a friend was at the front of the line and we were able to squeeze to the front area. (cue angels chorus!)
First, Matt Hires played. Meredith and I were going gaga over his shaggy hair, scruff, and plaid shirt. (yes. I'm one of THOSE girls..but I have to admit...Matthew Mayfield, Seth Bolt, Mat Kearney, and Bo Rinehart happen to be more my type - those are all my crushes..
.don't judge.)

Then, Matthew Mayfield...this man is a musical genius. I'm super proud to say that he's a Birmingham native and not only that but he has stayed in Birmingham! He's just one of my favorites. His lyrics are depressingly beautiful, and the actual notes to his music...are just absolutely heart wrenching. (In the best way possible!) A while back, I believe the first song I heard of his was 'Element' - go listen to it...NOW - and it stopped me in my tracks. I remember downloading it and forcing my cousin and sister to listen to it. Oh dang. Matthew Mayfield, you are lovely at all times.

By now, Sloss Furnaces was packed. I was basically in my first "mosh pit-ish" situation. Everyone was shoved together by a common love for a band. And of course...literally we were stuck to one another. We were all standing with bated breath just waiting to see any sign of a Rinehart, Stillwell, or Bolt. Eventually, we did! The lights came on, the band walked out. And dear sweet Bo, started to play that banjo.
'The Outsiders'
We all started screaming, crying, jumping, shaking, hyperventilating...you choose. (I was in the midst of...a mixture of all of those) They went on to play more and more of their sweet sounds. Girls squealed over Seth Bolt, the crowd sang along with the songs, and not ONE face in that place donned a frown. It was pointed out to me that Matthew Mayfield was strapping his guitar on at one point during the show. I smiled a smile of satisfaction and excitement. He came out and they sang none other than The Beatles 'With a Little Help From My Friends' (suiting, right?) My night couldn't get any better right? Wrong.
Then..came the encore.
Hurricane and Let Us Love
Mary-John and I had been waiting for Let Us Love, so when the first few notes came on and we recognized that they were about to play the song...we flipped. I believe this one song got the energy level of every single person standing in that legion of fans up. UP. UP!
It was a feeling that I can't even express. Once the chorus came we ALL started jumping together with our hands in the air. Our hands were all outstretched as if we pleaded for the band to throw the lyrics directly at us, so that they could be tangible. Legs aching, voices croaking, we all fell in love with a band that we already had fallen in love with. It was a reassurance that this band was gifted.
Was that the end of the encore??
Oh no.
They decide to play an unplugged version of 'Washed By the Water' up on this...I don't really know what it was, but it was similar to scaffolding (?).
It began, and the same crowd that had just been deafeningly loud became deafeningly silent.
They played through the song with 4 part harmony (:D), and the crowd chimed in at the chorus. Then, they melded in some Mick Jagger, "...you can't always get what you want...but if you try sometimes -crowd- YOU GET WHAT YOU NEED!"
It was a truly magical (only word left to use) night. With every show these guys never cease to become better and better. The crowd's energy becomes that of an indestructible giant.
NEEDTOBREATHE...you aren't going anywhere anytime soon.
You have your own personal army of people who are constantly inspired by the sweet melodies you put out there.

Rock 'n Roll, baby. Rock 'n Roll.

there he is...:)

P.S. I read this out loud to my mom...and started crying.
I'm weird. I know. Music just gets me super emotional...


Anonymous said...

hahaha!! I like your long posts.

why did you cry?

Donna said...

hey! it's donna! i'm so glad we got to meet. i think we have too much in common to not hang out again. pronto.

anddd i love your little blog!! so sweet. made me smile, big time.

Anonymous said...

Oh lort. You are ridiculous.


Hair-Bo said...

I like how their awesome keyboard player gets no rep or cover space or anything. But yeah. The brothers are the BOMB. and DANG. I WISH I HAD BEEN THERE!!! No need to excuse your writin' skills here, pardner. You had me doing the little Roy shiver thing. And believe me, it is a display of intense excitedment and anticipation.

P.S. I like the new look.

ViS!T0R said...

"His lyrics are depressingly beautiful, and the actual notes to his music...are just absolutely heart wrenching. (In the best way possible!)"


chelsea rebecca said...

i love it!
concerts to see your favorite bands are so epically wonderful!!!

and ah the scruff and shaggy hair! SWOON!

Saura Lnow said...

ah! new picture!
I love much!

....And since that had nothing to do with your post....

yay NTB!!!!!!!!!!!!!