And then there was Prom...

I had such a fantastic time! I got a manicure for the first time.
I had scheduled a hair cut(conveniently) the day OF prom (SUPER straight hair!).
And the night before I made a belt for my dress.
Part of the group all wore Toms to Prom.
We ate at The Club...which was magical.
I think 5 out of 6 of us got Shrimp 'n grits (it was sooo delicious!).
But the view of Birmingham was phenomenal. I could've stayed out on
their patio for HOURS and been happy to just look.
The Club also had a light up dance floor and a band, so we had a little pre-prom dancing.
(Swing, that is!)
Eventually we made it to the actual prom (after some faulty directions...causing us to miss the senior lead out...poor MJ).
The prom was fun!
and THEN
we went bowling.
In our dresses.
In their suits.
And that was fun.
It was a wonderful night!

P.S. I wore the same dress in January at a formal. I LOVE my dress. It's vintage 1960's
and I will keep it forever :D
P.S. dos. My cousin, Maggie, took some pictures that I'll post as well...later ;)

*Make sure to keep the Franklin and Nashville area in your prayers.*


Saura Lnow said...

Haha I think it's great that you went bowling in prom dresses :)

Dodger of Sheep said...

Whitney, one word about the picture of you in front of the cityscape: WOW.

Anna said...

That looks like such fun, Whitney! You are so beautiful! Straight hair, too! :) What an awesome evening! I love the TOMS bit. :)

Giann said...

You're pretty! I love the dress! and the blue one!

chelsea rebecca said...

aw i love that you all wore toms!!
your are gorgeous by the way! i love the straight hair!!
BOWLING?? HOW FUN! i wish i would of done that at my prom!

Max-Frederick said...

love love love love love love