Happy Thoughts on Thursday

Oh. I have a weak spot for happy couples.
Trust me, there is plenty more where these came from.
Just call me a romantic...but these make me extremely happy!

the photos marked "sarah rhoads" are sarahrhoads ;)
#1, 7 & 8 are jill thomas: JILLTHOMAS.
#3 is GabrielRyan.
#4: TecPetaja.
Kites: ClaytonAustin.
#6: SimplyBloom.
Last: SloanPhotographers.


Saura Lnow said...

Suspenders + Kites = Happy

elliebird said...

love love love! happy couples are...chaud au coeur.

aaah! the kite ones!

Hair-Bo said...

I like second one. It's coolio. And yes. Kites + Suspenders (and that bizom-hat) = Happy.
Ellie? Hot to the....?