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Last friday night, a group of gals met a small group of lads at Eddie's Attic. We then enjoyed the musical talents of S. Carey . Not only did I finally see a show at Eddie's Attic (hello music history has been made there...and pretty sure John Mayer used to work the door there) but Rebekah made a good observation about Sean Carey. She thought it was neat how he and his 4 or 5 other musicians were creating music on stage. Now, that isn't to say that other musicians don't do that...they do, but something about the Sean Carey's music is so convoluted that it's almost as if you're listening to a modern orchestra tune and perform music. Regardless, give him a listen...you will be impressed, but also sleepy.

On an entirely different note,
Because this week is the prelude to the resurrection, I've been trying to keep the cross at the forefront of my mind. Meaning, I've been trying to avoid stress in the fact that not only is worrying unbiblical but Christ already won the war for me. So a full week of school is just an opportunity for God's grace to abound. And it has. And it probably will next week as well (hello final project of the semester). These two songs have helped me keep in a constant state of worship:

Place of Freedom:

Holy Spirit:

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