Inspiration to MOVE

I've always had a little dream of being a complete yogi...maybe even an instructor one day. A lot of christians shy away from yoga because of the meditations and other spiritual aspects that have their origins in other gods, but I 100% believe you can practice yoga and even meditate (pray! meditate on scripture, or just simply concentrate on your breathing) and it can draw you closer to God.

I'm a novice. I've barely exercised this entire school year (EEK!), but today I did 15 minutes of yoga and feel refreshed. So...one day at a time.

If my week is insanely crazy, I usually try to do yoga at least once that week just to have some sort of stress relieving activity. I also love how focused yoga calls you to be. You can't be holding some sort of plank pose and thinking about your to do list (well. I can't...plank can be a struggle these days).

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Paprika said...

I'd love to start yoga although there aren't many opportunities around where I live... But that video is amazing how she can do all those moves ahaxx