oh, hello

I'm back at it. Creating, cramming, wishing I had studied better before a quiz/test/etc, laughing with friends, clicking aimlessly on a program I have yet learned to use, sitting in a classroom listening to a lecture, wishing my brain worked faster than it does, wishing I was smarter than I am, wishing...wishing...wishing...

But wait.
This life is not about wishing. Yes, I'm a dreamer and always will be. But this life is about making what I have enough and THEN reaching for the stars just because I feel like it and it makes me feel alive.
Mundane tasks overwhelm me (making my bed, cleaning my toilet, dishes, LAUNDRY...), but the mundane is part of the now, the here, the 'where God has me and where I will be content'.
(That was a rabbit trail...apologies.)

What I wanted to say was how grateful I am to be here. I am finally 100% a Graphic Design major. I am in those classes I fought and worked hard to be put in. I am at a school that I am proud to be a student. I may not be the smartest, most talented, most driven, and most focused...but I do have a love for what is around me. So thank you to God for allowing this time in my life to be a part of my story...to be a part of Your story.

Hey, it's a story worth livin'.




This semester I'm taking printmaking! I love it thus far and am pretty sure I will continue to love it.

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Dani said...

The print making is very cool looking.