sneaky. summer.

Sometimes Summer calls for walking through a park at night, climbing through trees, skipping on train tracks, climbing up a dirt hill, and sneaking onto a golf course to sit atop a golf hill (golf course hill...I don't know what to call it. i'm not a golf expert; i'm not even a novice).
Sitting and talking about life.
Eating half baked ice cream.
Then rolling down a freshly watered grass hill.
(and later finding out that it was freshly watered because apparently the grass had been fertilized. then developing chemical burns on arms and ankles...ergh)




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Katie-Barry said...

hey whitney! I met you at octane coffee today! I never said that I really love your blog today but I do haha your words are sometimes exactly what I need to hear or what I'm feeling :)
I would love to have lunch with you or something the next time your in atlanta!