late night thought



I'm finding that the answer to pretty much any question in life...tends to be 'you have to find the balance'.

But are there set rules for all of these balances?

Another thing I'm learning about life...is how everyone will have different answers. And no, there isn't a right and a wrong.
There's a right for you. Or a best for you.


That makes it sound as if life is all grey. It isn't. A lot of it is. But God clearly set some black and white guidelines for our lives. And these guidelines have everything to do with loving Him and loving others.

I struggle a lot with balance in time. I'm a relational person and I like to plant seeds of friendship and then I love to nurture those seeds and watch them grow to be beautiful, beautiful relationships. 
So the balance is between time with God, time with others, and time carrying out the everyday things that arrive with being an adult. 

So there's that...and then...I just struggle a bit (HA.) with time management. This downfall will seep into every part of my life and can cause strife. But I'm learning day by day to just take a minute at a time and budget how I must spend that moment. 
I'm thinking if I learn to do this more often, it puts me immediately in the moment and doesn't cause me to worry about what is to come and how it is to come. 

So yes, I'm bad with time. And I want to spend my time at home and I want to spend time with other people with whom I honestly enjoy spending time (I grow from these relationships). I also want to grow in my relationship with my heavenly Father, and grow in my talents and thoughts given to me by Him. 

I need more than 24 hours.

But through grace from God and from the beautiful souls I encounter...somehow I manage to make it through life without royally messing everything up. 

So one.minute.at.a.time.

p.s. sometimes I feel like I write this and no one understands what I'm saying (not as in 'no one understands me' but in a 'this is all over the place') but I just want to put these words out there. And maybe someone who reads this will just go 'yep. i know.'
so I don't have answers. I just have a story. 
and I feel like God gives us stories so that they can be told. Regardless of how relevant they are to anything.

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Tori Watson said...

i TOTALLY understand what you're saying. i'm daily looking for the balance in time management. maybe i struggle with it because i'm also very relational, but i think MOST people are still/always searching how to prioritize the way they should, especially when it comes to making sure we keep the Father first, above all. but the more we seek, and ask and pray...the more we'll grow and get closer to that balance. :)